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Vestige has been set up with the focus in mind to provide what every individual in the field of Direct has been looking forward and searching but could not find. We can assure you that your search ends here with the right Marketing Plan, the extremely  good quality Products at the right price which ensures that the Products move in the network regularly and ensure you a regular income.

Our quality range of Health, Wellness and Personal care products is the result of years of extensive research and
has been made especially for the Indian consumer. We have over 24 branches, 1100 distribution centers and over Four lakh distributors across India.

Vestige lives up to its core purpose, which is to help you live a life of economic independence on your own terms; to fill your life with
WELLTH - Wealth through wellness..
We believe in the spirit of human enterprise. Given the right opportunity, every human being has the potential to prosper, and therefore everyone deserves to be given the opportunity to enjoy a livelihood in accordance with his or her needs and desires.
It is with this spirit that we will take Vestige to the world, presenting people the opportunity to live their lives with freedom and dignity.We will rapidly grow Vestige to a global scale to make this opportunity available to more people and make it everybody’s first choice.
The Management Team at Vestige has the combined experience of pioneering MLM in the country. The professionals involved in establishing MLM companies and making them successful have turned entrepreneurs to bring forth the best of Opportunity and Products through Vestige.
Gautam Bali, Managing Director: Has worked as an Advisor and as the CEO of many MLM companies in India and has been responsible for the success of many MLM companies.
Kanwar Bir Singh, Director IT: Has been developing software for years for Multi National Companies including MLM companies.
Deepak Sood, Director Operations: Has been incharge of Logistics and Warehousing for number of years for a leading MLM International Company.
With such professionals at the helm of affairs you can be rest assured that your business is in very safe hands and Vestige is going to be a Win-Win business for you.
Business Plan
The starting point for every journey is knowledge, if you have the knowledge about the path on which you have to travel, then the journey is going to be easier and successful. We at Vestige would emphasize that when you have register yourself as a
Vestige Distributor, pleaseread the enrichment plan and understand the opportunity which lies in front of you to fulfill your dreams.
Vestige Enrichment plan has been designed to be an equal business opportunity for all those who get associated with Vestige.The Enrichment Plan ensures that you earn in proportion to the efforts and provides leadership bonuses and pool income. These incomes are further enhanced by combining the downlines performances so that it is always beneficial to create more leaders in your group. As the downlines become successful, you become even more successful .
To be a successful entrepreneur in your Vestige business you have to follow just the following success steps
  • Be a regular user of products
  • Earn by sharing the products
  • Enrich by sharing the business
  • Enrich yourself by enriching others
Enrichment Plan
Vestige offers very rewarding bonuses for the efforts put into the business. The Vestige enrichment plan is a ccumulative plan where you never drop from the level of achievement and keep on achieving higher levels, ie to say that your earlier efforts and
and achievements are always counted in your bonus calculations
Success Story
Bijay Kumar Mishra | Joined: 30 July,2004 | Kanpur
My belief in MLM system was always very strong . I had faith in the management and that was my reason to join Vestige. My growth has been phenomenal, having purchased two cars and a house from the income through Vestige
Anand Kumar Gupta | Joined: 15Oct2005 | Kanpur
My belief in MLM system was always very strong . I had faith in the management and that was my reason to join Vestige. My growth has been phenomenal, having purchased two cars and a house from the income through Vestige
Jyotii | Joined: 08 Jan. 2007 | Navi Mumbai
I was working as a Business Associate with an insurance company before I joined Vestige. I had ambitions for my growth and wanted to live a free life. Vestige gave me the freedom to be my own boss and to lead others. I was highly impressed with the management, product quality and the Marketing Plan. I believe you should be a consumer first than a distributor, because it gives you conviction in promoting the products. In my presentation to all prospects I never fail to mention that with Vestige, after putting in just 1-2 years, you can achieve a position and income that a job will provide you in 40 years. The choice is yours!
Vicky Jaiswal | Joined : 8 Jan, 2007 | Navi Mumbai
had been in MLM industry for 5 years. When I saw Vestige marketing plan, I knew that my search had ended. I started promoting the plan and products together. Power of dreams made me successful and now it is my mission to make everyone who believes in me "Successful".
Kumar Kulvijay | Joined:12 Feb, 2007 | Patna
I had been associated with MLM business for a few years but when I got acquainted with the Vestige Products, Marketing Plan and the Management, I knew this is the place to be.
After using the products, my confidence in them increased tremendously, I started building the business and followed the system judiciously and have garnered huge success.
My suggestion is to "Use the products, make consumers, follow the plan and after achieving Director level, you will realise how much income you can generate in Vestuge business
Siddharth Singh | Joined :7 Feb 2008| Noida
I took up MLM at the age of 21 and became a distributor while I was still in college. As time passed I did achieve success but to constantly maintain it was not an easy task. Even with all my efforts I was unable to generate the amount of success I was aiming for. I even thought of taking up a job and quitting MLM. Then I was introduced to Vestige and after seeing the Marketing Plan and the products, my hope got restored. I have achieved 300% more success than I could have earned by working anywhere else. The secret to success is to be a "System Man", to follow the system religiously and duplicate it.
Sudarshan Mohanty | Joined: 8 May 2008 |Cuttack
I was an income tax consultant. When I came to know about MLM eleven years ago, I knew this is where I could generate more income. After 10 years of working with other MLM companies, I realised that the stability and income for which I joined MLM still eluded me.
Joining Vestige was a tough decision for me, but when I chose Vestige I saw that I would be able to make my downlines successful too. This is the best decision I could have ever taken. I believe this is possible through "In your success, lies our success"
Debasish Ghosh | Joined: 12May 2008 | Kolkata
I have been a part of MLM for over a decade but was not able to make enough money to sustain the growing requirements of my family. I would often feel guilty of not being able to provide to their needs. Thereafter I joined Vestige, which was a blessing in disguise. This business has opened endless possibilities for my growth and the success of my downlines. I was able to build my business in a short span of time and generating income I had never thought I could earn. Thank you Vestige for helping me realise my dreams
Jitendra Nayak | Joined: 29 May,2008 | Bhadrak
I was looking for a business that could provide me a comfortable income.
I had tried other MLM but the results that I achieved were not up to the mark. I saw the Vestige Marketing Plan and was amazed at the amount of prospects it offered. I did not waste any time and began promoting Vestige as soon as I received my trainings. My belief is just to consume the products, follow the system, implement the plans and never give up; success is just around the corner

Dapaali Patrawala| Joined: 26-Jun-09 | Mumbai
I am a housewife while my husband is a finance consultant and have been a part of Network Marketing for over 13 years. Even after working for 12 years we were not ale to earn the income we had always dreamt of. I joined Vestige in 2009 and within 8 months became a Crown and have now achieved the Universal Crown Director level
My message to everyone is that if you  devote your time and effort towards your
Vestige business and simple duplicate the system, the amount of income and success you can achieve is unimaginable

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